Sections: (for the coordinators and short presentation see

  1. Changes within the postmodern society family group.
  2. Challenging Heteronormative Family Practices in Eastern Europe.
  3. Employment hardships and perspectives of the youth
  4. Social economy: challenges and opportunities on the labor market
  5. The European Social Model and the Nordic welfare state in post-Lisbon era
  6. Higher education for Social Cohesion. Cooperative Research and Development in the Cross-Border Area - Romania-Hungary
  7. The future of education in Romania: restoring measures and paradigmatic changes
  8. Youth and education in contemporary society
  9. Well-being of children and adolescents
  10. Children’s rights and the social context
  11. Social policies in social work
  12. The social work of the risk groups. Current trends and development opportunities
  13. Global aging and the social implications of this phenomenon
  14. The state of social programs and projects evaluation in Romania
  15. Quality of life and social inequalities
  16. European Social and Penal Policies of Prevention and Fighting against Crime
  17. New perspectives on Romanian sociology classic schools
  18. Social dialogue in Romania. Evolution or involution?
  19. Changes and Constants: Understanding European Societies using Qualitative Research Methods
  20. The post-socialist city - Urban transformations
  21. Social problems in rural areas
  22. Local-Global Dialectics: Hybridization and Identities’ (Re)construction
  23. Identity and Interculturality in European Social Space
  24. Re-emergence of “community” and the “local level”
  25. Protest and political violence: between partisanship and civic activism
  26. Romania in the 2012 election cycle. A sociological overview
  27. New perspectives in human resources` research
  28. The impact of legislative changes on social realities
  29. Initiatives, developments and issues of financial stability at the European and national level