Vlăsceanu 1/2010

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VIII, no. 1/2010, pp. 17-26.




Modernităţi multiple şi recente. Premise pentru o nouă abordare

Multiple and recent modernities. Premises for a novel approach

Lazăr Vlăsceanu*


*University of Bucharest


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Abstract: The study falls within the area of the sociology of modernity. After reviewing the main recent sociological theories of modernity, it explores the conflict between the earlier and the recent high modernity from he perspective of the Romanian society. The emphasis is put on the idea of "multiple modernities" and on its differential configurations. A comparison between such configurations and their institutional forms is put forward with special references to such an East-Central European society as Romania.

Keywords: multiple and recent modernities, premises for a novel approach.

Cuvinte cheie: modernitate, modernitate recentă, modernităţi multiple, globalitate, configurări instituţionale, conflicte.