Jderu 1/2010

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VIII, no. 1/2010, pp. 40-56.




Ordinea interacţională şi emoţiile. Homo sentiens în perspectiva sociologiei dramaturgice

Interactional order and emotions. Homo sentiens from the perspective of dramaturgical sociology

Gabriel Jderu*


*University of Bucharest


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Abstract: In this article, I analyse the implications of dramaturgic sociology approach for the study of emotions. In order to do that, I focus on the goffmanian vision of social order, seen as "interactional order". Dramaturgic sociology helps studying emotions in that: 1) it allows approaching emotions as sui generis facts; 2) it sets up a relation between self presentation process and social expression of emotions; 3) it is suitable to the analysis of negative emotions such as embarassment and shame; 4) it allows further analysis of emotions management strategies in interactional contexts.

Keywords: emotions sociology, dramaturgic sociology, interactional order, emotions.

Cuvinte cheie: crimă, închisoare, pedeapsă, sistem penitenciar, reabilitare, sociabilitate progresivă.