Dâmboeanu 3/2010

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VIII, no. 3/2010, pp. 82-97.




Factorii favorizanţi ai recidivei. O tipologie a infractorilor de carieră

Influencing factors of recidivism. A typology of career delinquents

Cristina Dâmboeanu*


*Institute of Sociology "Dimitrie Gusti", Romanian Academy of Science


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Abstract: This article presents the main results of a qualitative research conducted in 2008, based on in-depth interviews with 40 recidivists incarcerated in Giurgiu, Jilava, Rahova and Târgşor penitentiaries. The research findings allowed the identification, in relation with the factors that encourage recidivism, of four main categories of offenders: 1) the recidivists "constrained" by the social circumstances, who perpetuate their criminal behaviours because of the social and material difficulties they faced with after their release from prison; 2) the recidivists for whom the crime and the lack of a legitimate job represents a way of life; 3) the drug addicts who are pushed on a long term criminal career by their heroin abuse and 4) the accidental recidivists, who mention that crime is not representative for them and who resort to the classical neutralization strategies when they talk about their offences.

Keywords: recidivism, criminal career, criminal lifestyle, drug abuse.

Cuvinte-cheie: recidivă, carieră infracţională, stil de viaţă infracţional, abuz de droguri.