Gheorghe 3/2010

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VIII, no. 3/2010, pp. 147-155.




Contexte sociale favorabile maltratării copiilor. V. V. Stanciu şi Codul prevenirii criminalităţii

Favorable social contexts for child abuse. V.V.Stanciu and the Code for the prevention of criminality

Florian Gheorghe*


*Hyperion University


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Abstract: The article presents the up-to-date problem of child maltreatment and insists upon the idea that, most frequently, we return to justice to solve the cases of abuse and not to the specialists in human problems - psychologists, sociologists, social workers, psychiatrists. The paper analyses the characteristics of the abusing parents and those of the abused children. Also, it describes the main types of paedophiles and their modus operandi. It is reopening to debate a proposal from 60s of the Romanian criminologist V.V. Stanciu regarding the necessity of a crime prevention code. Some of his ideas are very fruitful for the today’s searching of the prevention measures of the degradation of the social contexts that generate violence and moral decadence. The study was carried out within the National Plan of Research, Development and Innovation PNII, the "Ideas" Program, the project named: "Domestic abuse on children and their social protection. Multidisciplinary victimization study".

Keywords: child maltreatment, abuse, paedophilia, moral decadence, crime prevention code.

Cuvinte-cheie: maltratarea copilului, abuz, pedofilie, degradare morală, cod de prevenire a criminalităţii.