Dobrică 1/2008

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VI, no. 1/2008, pp. 3-10.




Libertate. Detenţie. Viaţă socială. Despre contradicţia dintre 2 tipuri fundamentale de raţionalitate, ca sursă a ineficienţei pedepsei cu închisoarea

Freedom. Detention. Social life. On the contradiction between two fundamental types of rationality, as a source of inefficiency in prison punishment

Petronel Dobrică


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Abstract: Using the theoretical references of Goffman’s theory of the total institutions, this article deals with the fundamental contradiction issue with two types of rationality which settles the lives of individuals in different ways, according to their life abridged of freedom status. This contradiction underlain in respect with the produced effects over life abridged of freedom people marks the condemned people’s line from the moment of their entrance in the penitentiary until the freedom time of their release outside the prison walls conditioning the prison punishment social effects and justification.

Keywords: total institution, deculturation, resocialization, coercitive power.

Cuvinte-cheie: instituții totale, deculturalizare, resocializare, putere coercitivă.