Petrescu 1/2008

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VI, no. 1/2008, pp. 74-89.




Rolul coaliţiilor de dezvoltare în regenerarea urbană. Cazul unui proiect de revitalizare a unei zone industriale din Bucureşti

Role of development coalitions in urban regeneration. The case of a revitalization project in an industrial area in Bucharest

Ioana Petrescu


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Abstract: Urban Regeneration policies have been developed in Western countries in response to the negative effects cities were confronted with after undertaken processes of deindustrialization and suburban sprawl. The qualitative research I have conducted between 19 March-5 April 2006 was designed as an explorative case study focused on the development of an urban regeneration coalition targeting the regeneration of a formal industrial area located in Ravoha neighborhood in Bucharest. This study aims to contribute to the field of urban regeneration research in the post-socialist countries and analyses urban regeneration from the perspective of local and global factors.

Keywords: urban regeneration, public-privat partnerships, global-local dynamics.

Cuvinte-cheie: regenerarea urbană, parteneriatul public-privat, dinamica global-local.