Dragomir 1/2008

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VI, no. 1/2008, pp. 90-104.




Viaţa cotidiană în comunism: biografii sociale Studiu de caz: Drobeta - Turnu Severin

Daily life in the communist regime: social biographies. Case study: Drobeta - Turnu Severin

Corneliu Dragomir


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Abstract: Our investigation has as purpose reconstituting the daily life in the communism period through the individuals who lived then, in order to identify and analyze the relationship between individual experiences and collective stakes (Blanchet & Gotman 1988, 127). Therefore through the means of oral stories about their past, using as guide a number of interviews, we approached the social life of people, their attitudes, images and values. The grid of the analysis, the theme we used for the analysis body of the investigation is represented by the daily life during communism, in Drobeta-Turnu Severin. It contains a nucleus of the social background in communism, and also strategies to avoid social sanctions, solidarity in communism, commercial and traffic issues, strategies to supply the expression under-development, livings and their effects, social events with active witnesses, the mechanics urban space... In essence, these interviews help us better understand the individual in his social space, the trajectory of his life seen through the period. I approached the dynamics of social life, meant to certify the fact that the subject is quoted as witness of the history, because the history is not made above, nor outside him, but through the individual and with his contributions... (Blanchet & Gotman, 1988, 119).

Keywords: communism; daily life; individual experience.

Cuvinte-cheie: comunism, viață cotidiană, experiență individuală.