Bleandă 2/2008

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VI, no. 2/2008, pp. 21-29.




Sindicatele şi sistemul democratic

The trade unions and the democratic system

Cristinel Bleandă


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Abstract: This study´s aim is to compare the democratic system with the principles of trade unions’ activity. The political regimes were divided considering the methods of elaborating and enforcing social norms. The democratic regimes allow the trade unions to exist and formulate critics regarding the social sub-systems functioning. If in the authoritarian regimes the state and the political elite have all the privileges, in democracy the trade unions became almost the strongest organisations, by having the possibility to organise as independent in relation with the political leadership, but many times against it. The power of the trade unions consists on the fundamental principle of democracy: public contestation. Still, the very new context presents some threats adressed to political and trade unions organisations. The activity of social partners has effects on the social system performances, and that is why we have to know which are the new challenges that not only government and trade unions have to face, but all the present and future societies will have to tackle.