Pascaru 1/2007

Sociologie Românească, Vol. V, no. 1/2007, pp. 90-102.




Investigaţii exploratorii în microregiunea Albac-Scărişoara-Horea, judeţul Alba

Exploratory Investigations in the Microregion Albac-Scarisoara-Horea, Alba County


Mihai Pascaru


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Abstract: In the present-day debates regarding the local governance, the need for principles such as that of transparency and participation has become very common, at least at the level of political statements. The analysis of the topic requires however investigations which would go further than Gallup polls, for example. The sociological inquiry within strictly limited territories and beyond administrative boundaries can be an opportunity. Moreover, new techniques are required. Starting from all these considerations, the present study offers the results of several exploratory investigations made in the microregion Albac-Scărişoara-Horea (Alba County). During these investigations, we tested both instruments of the classic inquiry with the aim of identifying the application modality of the principles of transparency and participation as well as the valences of the restoring of the results of the sociological inquiry through individualised restoring and group restoring. The main aim was that of deepening the results of the inquiry, and thus, accomplishing what we shall name in the study the sociologically induced participation through the transfer of representations, opinions and attitudes of the citizens towards the local governance authorities.