Constantin 1/2007

Sociologie Românească, Vol. V, no. 1/2007, pp. 103-119.




Observarea participativă a grupurilor sociale dintr-o vecinătate bucureşteană

Participatory Observation of Social Groups in a Bucharest Neighborhood


Marin Constantin


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Abstract: The paper is an approach of three institutions in a Bucharest neighborhood, namely a marketplace, a factory, and a school, as seen from the perspective of anthropological method of participant observation. The author argues that participant observation may contribute in terms of ethics, ethnographic relevance, and feasibility, to identifying, analyzing, and interpreting the social groups and relationships specific to urban neighborhoods. In particular the ethnographic roles adapted to the life of local community are ascertained as tools in understanding the social and economic interdependence between such .actors. as the traders, workers, and students. The multiple identity that ethnographer undertakes in the field is eventually related to the very cultural diversity of the urban groups or networks that make the object of social research.