Babei 1/2006

Sociologie Românească, Vol. IV, no. 1/2006, pp. 157-175.




Stereotipurile studenților români despre studenții din Republica Moldova care își fac studiile în România

Stereotypes of Romanian students about students from the Republic of Moldova at study in Romania

Victoria Babei


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză): From 1990, the youth from Republic of Moldova study in the universities of Romania. Their success depends on the process of integration, accommodation in a new environment and communication with Romanian students. These processes are connected with the perception and the image that the persons have with whom they take social contact. That is why I consider that the pictures inside Romanian students’ minds – the stereotypes – about the students over the Prut River are framing in function of interaction and personal communication's process. I have proposed to study Romanian students’ stereotypes about the Moldavian students who study in Romania. The research’s idea has come from my experience in Romanian university environment over the last four years. In this period, I noticed that some friends and classmates, who, at that time, have not acquainted youth from Republic of Moldova, had wrong and schematic information about them. In addition, they had a less favourable image comparing with those who had social contacts with youth from Republic of Moldova. The purpose of this study consists in stating the role of interpersonal communication in decreasing the Moldavian student's stereotype, who study in Romania.