Iluț 4/2004

Sociologie Românească, Vol. II, no. 4/2004, pp. 33-38.



SR 4 2004 coperta

Analiza contextual-ecologică a grupurilor în societățile complexe

The Contextual-Ecological Analysis of Groups in Complex Societies

Petru Iluț


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză)Contemporary social psychology analysis focuses more and more on groups, not only in the perspective of the proximal context, but also in connection with macrosocial and cultural factors. This article, including also the subject of intergroup relations in social ecology, tries to reveal the effects of these factors (and the physical environment) upon the inner life and performance of groups in complex societies. Putting together concepts like social identity, social capital, ethno-linguistic vitality and multiculturalism, we analyze the process of mutual adaption majority-minority ethnic groups. The tension between cultural relativism (multiculturalism) and universalistic values (human rights) is underlying. Also it refers to the attitude towards group and territory, in the perspective of what the author calls the illusion of localism, concept which was elaborated in one of his previous books.