Strâmbeanu 4/2004

Sociologie Românească, Vol. II, no. 4/2004, pp. 210-225.



SR 4 2004 coperta

Modele de participare civică a tinerilor din România

Models of Civic Participation of the Youth Population in Romania

Marius Strâmbeanu


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză): Can we speak of a model (pattern) of the young Romanians’ participation in public life or better, we should refer to a variety of models (alternatives) of civic participation and implication? The article tries to shape an explicit model of the civic participation of the young population of Romania, aged between 15 and 29, resorting to a number of dimensions - potentialities, expectations, resources, values -, drawn by the considered relation between the social-demographic dimensions. The social environment of the civic participation was delimited according to practical issues (access to a limited set of indicators of the young population’s participation) but also according to the results of the exterior and the interior causal analyses of this study, referring to the crossing of some dimensions which are contingent to the types of capital, the resources, the expectations, the valuables and status options. We think that an exercise of instrumentation and validation of a theoretical model, resembling the one we try to crystallize here, represents a useful tool (and) because it analyzes a set of variables that can be of maximum utility regarding the easy (facile) and pertinent identification of the elements that allow the constitution of a social relief of the field (environment zone) interaction, relevant for the dimension which is put forward by the civic activity.