Mihalache 3-4/2008

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VI, no. 3-4/2008, pp. 58-73.




O analiză transversală asupra declinului demografic al României în profil teritorial

A transversal analysis of the Romanian demographic decline in a territorial profile

Florin Flavius Mihalache*


*Research Institute for the Quality of Life, Romanian Academy


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Abstract: This paper aims to explore the 'demographic decline' in Romania, focusing the analysis on its territorial profile. The major indicators used are birth rate, mortality rate and old persons' percentage. The analysis for the most recent data (for the year 2006) illustrated four levels of intensity for the 'demographic decline'. The worst situation is present in the South-West side of the country, where the demographic crisis is represented by low birth rate, high mortality rate and high percentage of old people (Oltenia, Banat and Southern Muntenia). In the same time, in the North-East regions (a part of Moldavia, the East of Transilvania and the region of Maramureş) we can speak about a positive demographic evolution. Between these two stages, we considered two other levels of intermediate intensity of decline. This classification confirms the important demographic differentiations among regions.

Keywords: demographic decline, natural growth, fertility rate, aging.

Cuvinte-cheie: declin demografic, spor natural, rata fertilității, îmbătrânirea populației.