Constantin 3-4/2008

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VI, no. 3-4/2008, pp. 171-184.




Etnografie explicită în studiul antropologic al satului Tilişca (judeţul Sibiu, 1997-1999)

Explicit ethnography in the anthropological study of Tilisca village (Sibiu county 1997-1999)

Marin Constantin


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Abstract: The article is describing and interpreting the experience of a fieldwork pursued in 1997-1999, in the village of Tilişca (the county of Sibiu). The author presents several ethnographic situations (including his participation to a local Orthodox ritual, his relationships with the village authorities, a vernacular biographic narrative, his participant observation of the pastoral life, and the ethnographic usage of camera), which are equally relevant in defining a research topic, and in the accessibility conditions the researcher faces when approaching such a topic. The text argues on the need for making explicit the ethnographic stage of a social research, in that the inherent inter-subjectivity of such a research should be methodologically undertaken and exploited, on the theoretical ground of cultural anthropology.

Keywords: explicit ethography, life history, participative observation.

Cuvinte-cheie: etnografie explicită, istorie de viață, observare participativă.