Sociologie Românească, Vol. V, no. 2/2007, pp. 130-148.




Problema identităţii în spaţiul frontierei. Reflecţii asupra interdependenţelor culturale româno-sârbe în Clisura Dunării


Carmen Bulzan


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Abstract: This article compresses some of the reflections upon the identity of the Romanian-Serbian frontier zone in the area called Danube's Gorge (Clisura Dunării). The questions I have asked myself about the social life in the Romanian and Serbian communities, located on both banks of the Danube (which marks the Romanian-Serbian frontier), derived from the sociological observations and testimonies of the inhabitants from the displaced villages that have been studied during 2005-2006. The historical-geographical and social-economic conditions have granted the appearance of the acculturation process, expressed through language, religious (orthodox) practices, and attitudes towards values and so on. Which are the rights granted to the Romanian and Serbian minorities by the territories. states on which they live? What is the future that awaits in matter of identity for this “ethnical isolated” communities? What other means of intercultural communication can appear in the actual context? These are some of the necessary questions in building up the project for trans-frontier development and education for European democratic citizenship.