Chelcea, Jderu 3/2004

Sociologie Românească, Vol. II, no. 3/2004, pp. 96-107.



SR 3 2004 coperta

Preluarea datelor din sondajele de opinie publică în mass-media din România în anul electoral 2004: incorectitudine, subiectivitate și ambiguitate

Presenting public opinion survey data in Romanian mass media, in the voting year 2004: Incorrectness, subjectivity and ambiguity

Septimiu Chelcea, Gabriel Jderu


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză): A case-study is presented:  The interpretation of Gallup International End of Year Poll 2003 data in Romanian media. Using the communication content analysis and the discourse analysis, the authors emphasize the errors made in data presentation, the partiality of information selection and the ambiguity of results interpretation of this international poll. At the end of the study, some proposals have been made concerning the way in which public opinion polls agencies should present polls results in the media.