Măgureanu 4/2009

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VII, no. 4/2009, pp. 65-79.




Câteva consideraţii asupra noţiunii de smart power din perspectiva teoriei politice

Considerations on the notion of smart power - from the political theory perspective

Virgil Măgureanu*


*Universitatea din Bucureşti


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Abstract: As it is generally acknowledged by now, the strategy of the Obama Administration has been originally called “smart power”. Nevertheless, the intelligent power exercised both domestically and internationally does not depend solely on the abilities of a political leader and his team, no matter how well would these skills be oriented; the intelligent power could be achieved, starting from such abilities, only in a sensibly changed geopolitical context in which, as paradoxically as it may seem, the current crisis could play a positive role as it imposes profound changes on the strategies of power. This original concept opens a new chapter for the political science, because the great political events of the last centuries, notably the devastating two world wars of the last century, did not allow the political theory to associate the terms “power” and “intelligent”. Based on the current mise-en-scène, the present study sets to foresee to what extent the major strategies to be taken on in the world politics would be, or not, compatible with smartness.

Keywords: smart power, hard power, soft power.

Cuvinte-cheie: putere inteligentă, putere dură, putere persuasivă.