Rădulescu 4/2009

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VII, no. 4/2009, pp. 167-181.




Evaluarea gradului de credibilitate şi sugestibilitate a minorilor, victime

Assessment of the degree of credibility and suggestibility of underage victims of sexual abuse by adults

Mihai Sorin Rădulescu*


*Institutul de Sociologie „Dimitrie Gusti”, Academia Română


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Abstract: Investigation of children who have been sexually abused is a very difficult task  which  can  bring  about  various  errors  with  consequences  for  the  justice  act, abusers and their victims. In this paper, the author, senior researcher at the Institute of Sociology of Romanian Academy, critically analyzes the main studies focused on assesing of children’s allegations about their sexual molestation. The paper outlines the  importance  of  special  questioning  techniques  in  child  sexual  abuse  cases,  to distinguish  between true statements, allegations that are false and allegations where suspicion (of abuse) remains, dar evidence is lacking. The recent research on these issues is controversial and suggests different causes for fabricated reports of children (the   suggestibility,   „pseudomemories”    or   unintentional    cognitive   distorsions, manipulation by aggresors etc.). The author debates all these issues and concludes that special methods and techiques are required in the investigation of child sexual abuse cases, especially in Romania.

Keywords: sexual  abuse,  child  witnesses,  false  allegation,  fabricated  reports  of children, pseudomemories, suggestibility, suggestions, special questioning techniques for children, open-ended questions.

Cuvinte-cheie: abuz sexual, mărturie a copilului, declaraţie falsă, raportări inventate ale copiilor, pseudomemorii, sugestibilitate, sugestionare, tehnici speciale de ches- tionare pentru copii, întrebări deschise.