Vasile 2/2010

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VIII, no. 2/2010, pp. 21-44.




Territoriality versus kinship in early Europe. The Romanian case and the theses of Henri H. Stahl

Monica Vasile*


*University of Bucharest


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Abstract: The paper proposes a critical approach of Henri H. Stahl's main theses about the evolution of Romanian rural communities. The author considers Stahl's explanation within the broader debate about early property forms in Europe, focusing mainly on the particularities of ownership and social organization in Balkans.

Keywords: social history, Medieval Europe, Balkans, common property, kinship, social structure, community.

Cuvinte cheie: Istorie socială, Europa Medievală, Balcani, proprietate comună, rudenie, structură socială, comunitate.