Petrescu şi Constantin 2/2010

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VIII, no. 2/2010, pp. 161-175.




Parteneriat şi dezvoltare locală

Partnership and local development

Claudia Petrescu*, Andreea Constantin**


*Research Institute for the Quality of Life, Romanian Academy of Science

**University of Bucharest


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Abstract: Lately, the concept of partnership has been widely used in local development strategies and programs, being one of the principles underlying these documents. This paper aims to study the role that partnership plays in the local development process, in order to see whether the importance attached to this principle in the development strategies and programs is suitable, and secondly to determine if the partnership that goes beyond a single community has a more significant effect on development. More specifically, the purpose of this paper is to describe how this partnerships functions in Romania, to identify the type of partnership that brings benefit for the community and the factors contributing to success or failure of such an approach.

Keywords: local development, partnership, associations for intercommunity development, microregional development.

Cuvinte cheie: dezvoltare locală, parteneriat, asociaţii de dezvoltare intercomunitară, dezvoltare microregională.