Voicu, Arpinte, Petrescu, Preotesi, Tomescu 2/2010

Sociologie Românească, Vol. VIII, no. 2/2010, pp. 118-144.



SR_2_2010_copertaNote de cercetare despre studiul comunităţilor rurale în România de astăzi


Research notes on the study of rural communities in present-day Romania

Bogdan Voicu, Daniel Arpinte, Claudia Petrescu, Mihnea Preotesi, Cristina Tomescu*


*Research Institute for the Quality of Life, Romanian Academy of Science


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Abstract: Studying community is very common in current Romanian academic and non-academic research. For instance, assessing the impact of most development projects requires the study of the potentially affected communities, both before, during and after the implementation of the project. Community studies suppose the manipulation of both qualitative and quantitative data, and often require complex activities of data collection and validating. This research note addresses few practical issues for carrying the fieldwork during in rural communities. We do not discuss much about designing and the methodological aspects of such research, but we focus on the difficulties, risks and potential success strategies during data collecting.

Keywords: community research, fieldwork, mixed methods.

Cuvinte cheie: studii comunitare, cercetare de teren, metode mixte.