Dinu 3/2014

Sociologie Românească (Romanian Sociology), Vol. XII, no. 3/2014, pp. 70-85.

SR 2014 3 copertaPercepţia vedetei de televiziune în spaţiul mediatic românesc la preadolescenţi, adolescenţi şi tineri

The Television Star Perception in the Romanian Media Field among Preadolescents, Adolescents and Youth

Elena-Lidia Dinu (Stan)*


*Central University Library “Carol I”, Communication Department, 1, Boteanu, 1 District, Bucharest, Romania. E-mail: Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea..


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Abstract: A second outcome of my thesis is the study of the Television star perception in the Romanian media field among pre-teens, teens, and youth. I made a qualitative-comparative study, starting from the semi-directive interview technique, created to explore the way of thinking of three different groups: pre-teens, teens, and young (a total of 75 participants, of whom 31 were male and 44 were female). The article investigates media consumerism, the appearance of the new customers being related to their adaptation to new lifestyles and values. The media consumption becomes a way of building an intelligible universe where the social relations can be maintained or replaced. Hence, the research has explored the perceived differences among three different groups regarding Romanian star system as well as the opinion convergence levels, making it possible to understand the experience lived by these people. In this study, documents, questions for interviews, and explanatory statement to participants are included. This complex analysis is also supported by a comprehensive bibliography and at the same time representative. Unfortunately, the psychologists are concerned with the level of dependency of different types of media consumption (television, Internet, video games), pointing to overconsumption. The conclusions of the research shine a new light on the mixing the right to information and the showbiz sensationalism can destroy public confidence in journalism and discredit the profession.

Keywords: qualitative research; celebrities; consumerism; star system.

Cuvinte-cheie: cercetare calitativă; celebrităţi; consumerism; star system.