Maslowski 3/2014

Sociologie Românească (Romanian Sociology), Vol. XII, no. 3/2014, pp. 97-105.

SR 2014 3 copertaCriticându-l pe Bourdieu în mod pragmatic

The French Pragmatic School Reading Bourdieu

Nicolas Maslowski*


*Universitatea Carolină, Praga, Republica Cehă. E-mail: Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea..


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Abstract: This article tries to sum up some elements of the critic of the Bourdieu’s critical theories done by the representatives of one current in the French sociology – the pragmatic sociology. Among other things, this current criticises the privileged position in Bourdieu’s sociology of the sociologist himself. Thanks to the reflexivity, he is able to liberate himself from the illusion. For the pragmatic, the capacity to criticise is distributed among the citizens and makes sense. Instead of proposing a critical sociology, we should consider to explain sociologically the social critic of usual and unusual actors. Another critic is the determinism of its structural explanation. The society, the social forces, the structural explanation are explaining everything. And everything can be translated in terms of fields, habitus, illusion, structure. The social forces are deciding about everything, according to Bourdieu. But they are not more visible and scientific than God’s hand, when we take them for granted. We have to listen to the actors to understand their actions, even if their beliefs are different than the ones of the social scientist. The actors and their competences should be taken seriously, and they have the feeling that it is not the case in Bourdieu’s sociology.

Keywords: Bourdieu; critical sociology; pragmatic sociology; illusio; structure.

Cuvinte-cheie: Bourdieu; sociologie critică; sociologia pragmatică; illusio; structură.