Dragoman 3/2007

Sociologie Românească, Vol. V, no. 3/2007, pp. 71-87.




Sibiu - Capitală culturală europeană în 2007. Valori comune sau valori specifice?

Sibiu - European Cultural Capital in 2007. Shared or specific values?

Dragoş Dragoman


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Abstract: Sibiu benefits in 2007, alongside of Luxembourg, of the title of European Capital of Culture. The reason for granting Sibiu this title resides perhaps in a peaceful ethnic climate that makes the city seem different from the regional ethnic relationships. Sibiu has already been noticed for the electoral behavior of its citizens and for the cooperation existing between the elites of his ethnic segments. All this could mean Sibiu is a different place. Yet the comparative analysis of the local and national backgrounds tells another story. People living in Sibiu are not very different from their fellow citizens living in Romania regarding a wide range of issues, as tolerance, trust, commitment or solidarity. Still the intense cultural contact occurring this year in the city might have an effect on the local background.