Pascaru 3/2007

Sociologie Românească, Vol. V, no. 3/2007, pp. 88-102.




Inteligenţa teritorială. Rezultatele anchetelor sociologice asupra dezvoltării spaţiului rural

Territorial intelligence. Results of sociological surveys on development in the rural space

Mihai Pascaru


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Abstract: The present study offers a rather new approaching perspective for the social sciences in our country – the perspective of territorial intelligence. After a preview of the definitions of this concept, we present the main associated principles, as well as the specific methodological approaches. The restoring of the results of the sociological inquiry is considered to be a nucleus of the methodological approaches reunited by Professor J.J. Girardot under the tiles Catalyse. The technique of restoring is also the basis for the exploratory investigations whose results are presented in this study. Through the sociological inquiry, we tried to identify the inhabitants’ representations in the micro-region Albac-Scărişoara-Horea (Alba country) of the main local and family problems as well as the development opportunities in the micro-region. A part of the results of the sociological inquiry have been restored to the participants to the inquiry through the interview guide, at the same time analyzing the results and stimulating the local territorial intelligence at the level of inhabitants and local authorities as well.