Boţone 3/2007

Sociologie Românească, Vol. V, no. 3/2007, pp. 133-148.




Munca emoţională: expansiunea ei în societăţile moderne

Emotional work and its expansion in modern societies

Daniela Boţone


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Abstract: This article introduced the reader to the demanding aspects of “emotional” jobs, that is, jobs that are designed to regulate emotional display, the demands associated with emotional regulation itself, and behavioral responses to emotional regulation. If these emotional demands are different to the emotions the employee actually feels, then the employee will incur emotional dissonance or psychological discomfort. As a result, the employee will be internally motivated to try to reduce the discrepancy through pretending that he or she is experiencing the emotions or through regulating his or her own emotion so that they are consistent with that demanded. This motivated behavior is labeled emotional labor. In this study, I also sought to illustrate the significance of organizational culture to emotions in the workplace and its pivotal role in determining the healthiness of the organizations for its members. Through discussion of organizational culture as a form of social control operating at the emotional level, I identified the features and processes that define a positive, healthy organizational culture.