Hatos şi Bernath 4/2007

Sociologie Românească, Vol. V, no. 4/2007, pp. 48-64.




Accesul la educaţie al maghiarilor din România. O analiză multivariată

Access to Education of Hungarians from Romania. A Multivariate Analysis

Adrian Hatos, Krisztina Bernath


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Abstract: During the transition period, the topic of Hungarian university-level higher education in Romania has been very intensely debated as its polemic has been often characterized by ethnicist and nationalist arguments. One major issue of the debate is, however, that, in Romania, Hungarians have lower chances of access at tertiary education than the Romanian citizens. The present study aims to clarify the situation of the distribution and the covariates of educational, and subsequently social, chances among citizens of Romanian and Hungarian ethnicity in Romania. Using the consolidated data of the Romanian Public Opinion Barometer of 1998-2004 (N = 11 040) our multivariate analyses start from three models of the status achievement: the ethnic determination model, the social reproduction model and the structural mobility model.