Constantinescu 3-4/2002

Sociologie Românească (Romanian Sociology), XIII new series no. 3-4/2002, pp. 93-114.



SR 2002 3-4 coperta

Teorii ale migrației internaționale

Theories of international migration

Monica Constantinescu


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză): Starting from one of the fundamental works in the field, the study proposes a presentation of the theories currently used in international migration. The seven theoretical approaches (neoclassical economics, new economics of migration, segmented labour market, historical-structural tradition, approaches from the perspective of migrant networks, cumulative causation, system approach) are described in the frame of an attempt to evaluate their predicative and explicative power related to the contemporary forms of international migration. The search for a unique theory, capable to cover the complexity of international migration as dynamic process, with multilevel action and determination, with influences in and from economic, social, cultural and political realms, does not seem to be a successful one, but the result conducts toward a fundamental problem/discussion to which the research in the field probably answer in the future: is such a theory possible/necessary in international migration?